Splash Start - Level 1

Safe entry & exit.               

Walking in water at shoulder depth.

Float on front & back with aid or
teacher support.                 

Get face wet without submerging.

Blowing bubbles.                        

Regain feet from floating position
with aid or support.

Kick on front & back with aid.

Splash Start - Level 2

Pick up objects from the bottom of pool in shallow water.
Using an aid float on back without teacher’s support.
Bob up & down repeatedly,       
submerging body and blowing bubbles through nose & mouth. 
Roll 180 degrees from front to back
then regain feet.                          

Kick on front & back with aid unsupported.

Splash Start - Level 3

Swim through a submerged hoop.      

Floating on front & back for

Push & Glide from wall on front
& back then regain feet.       

Attempt rotary breathing showing
head turning to the side to breath.

Rotate 360 degrees without touching
the pool floor.

Demonstrate a freestyle arm action
with a board for 5meters.

Demonstrate a backcrawl arm action
with a board for 5meters.


Splash Start - Level 4
Using an aid tread water using a cycle & breaststroke kicking action for 20seconds.

Demonstrate a handstand from the     
bottom of the pool.                            

Sitting dive & glide.                       

From a floating position swim
through a submerged hoop.

Push & Glide on front & back
holding glide for 2meters.

Swim 5meters frontcrawl attempting
breathing to the side.

Swim 5meters backcrawl attempting arm action.

Swim 5meters attempting breaststroke
arm action.

Kick on front & back with float
for 10meters.


Splash Start - Level 5
Attempt a forward somersault from standing position.
Kneeling dive.                                          
3 different floating positions.            

Push & Glide on front & back maintain streamline position for 5meters.

Understanding of bi-lateral breathing.

Swim 10meters frontcrawl breathing
to the side.

Swim 10meters backcrawl keeping
head still.

Swim 10meters showing breaststroke
type actions.
Kick on front & back with a float for 15meters.


Splash Start - Level 6
Tread water for 15seconds keep head
clear of the water then swim 15meters.

Surface dive and retrieve object     
from the pool floor in deep water.  

Kneeling dive & swim out.

Push off One hand holding wall
other arm extended then glide out in
a streamline position. (front & back)

Scull 10meters on front in a
forward direction.

Swim 2 x 15meters frontcrawl &
backcrawl showing good technique.

Using kickboards kick 2 x 15meters breaststroke.

Kick 10meters arms by side using
a butterfly style undulating action

Swim 4 x 10meters frontcrawl/backstroke.


Splash Start - Level 7
Understand survival position i.e. straddle jump

Treading water attempting eggbeater
kick for 45seconds then swim 25meters.

Forward somersault from a floating

Crouching dive.

Using a pull buoy scull 15meters on front
 head & feet first.

Swim 25meters frontcrawl & backcrawl
with good technique.

Swim 15meters breaststroke with
correct timing.

Attempt butterfly full stroke for 5meters.

Swim 50meters using 2 different strokes
with good technique attempting turns.


Splash Start - Level 8

Standing dive into deep water.
Push & glide holding streamline
position under water for 5meters.

Using a pull buoy scull 15meters on
front & back head first & feet first.

Swim 50meters frontcrawl & backcrawl
with good technique.

Swim 25meters breaststroke demonstrating
good technique & turn.

Using a kickboard kick 4 x 25meters frontcrawl & backcrawl.

Pull 25meters frontcrawl using a pull buoy.

Swim 100meters using 2 different strokes holding good technique & turns.